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US Senator Tom Coburn says our research is wasteful government spending

by Jason Moore — last modified Jun 19, 2011 10:40 PM
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A recent report written by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) lampooned the National Science foundation for funding an assortment of projects, claiming that the projects are a waste of the tax payers money. Our project on bicycle dynamics and control was one these. We beg to differ. read more...

Bicycle parameter measurements final round results

by Jason Moore — last modified Jun 07, 2011 11:20 PM

I've measured the physical parameters (geometry, mass, mass location and distribution) for nine different bicycles and have finally gotten it all pretty much tied together. Here are some updates. read more...

Some human operator control software and to hell with Matlab's plotting functions

by Jason Moore — last modified Jun 07, 2011 06:00 PM

The software for the human operator control has been completed and is available for others to use. Also, a bit of ranting about Matlab. read more...

Bad news: MAE lost another great Grad adviser

by Jason Moore — last modified Jun 03, 2011 07:06 PM

We were just notified that Laura Young will be leaving us after a short year. She was a great find and I'm disappointed that we couldn't retain her. read more...