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Adjustable Geometry Bicycle

by Jason Moore — last modified Feb 21, 2011 03:05 PM

Ben Tucker and Malcolm Begg shared their adjustable bicycle design with me. Here are a few videos and images of the bike they intend to be un-rideable.

Ben and Malcolm have asked me a few questions about their design ideas for creating an un-rideable bicycle (much like Jones' mission). They are a couple of engineering students at Oxford interested in bicycle dynamics. They finished the bike design and share some photos and video with me which I have posted below.
Adjustable Steer Geometry
Adjustable Steer Geometry
Adjustable Downtube
Adjusts the head tube angle of the bicycle.

And finally a short video of one of the first rides.

This bicycle reminds me a lot of the bicycle built by John Olsen at the behest of Chet Kyle that Jim Papadopoulos loaned to TU Delft:

From Bicycle Dynamics - TU Delft
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