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BicycleParameters and yeadon have been released

by Jason Moore — last modified Aug 05, 2011 03:45 PM

Chris Dembia and I have just finished two open source software packages for dealing with the inertial and geometric parameters of a bicycle and it's rider.

yeadon is a python package that implements Fred Yeadon's inertia model of a human. The software takes 95 geometrical measurements of a human body and outputs the center of mass and inertia of the human in any arbitrary configuration. It can be used to generate the inertia of the human as a whole or to determine inertia of the various body segments and thus usable for multi-degree of freedom human models.

Here is a little eye candy of the model:

Human Eye Candy
Shows the Yeadon inertia model configured to sit on a bicycle.

Secondly, we've released the BicycleParameters package for calculating the geometric and inertial parameters of the Whipple bicycle model. The user supplies the program with raw measurements of both a bicycle and a rider. The package is capable of seating any rider on any bicycle and computing the rigid rider parameters of for the Whipple model.

Bicycle and Rider Geometry
An output graph from BicycleParameters showing the rider seated on a bicycle.
Bicycle Eigenvalue Comparison
An graph created using BicycleParameters that shows the eigenvalues versus speed of two different bicycles.

We hope that these packages can be useful to other researchers. Enjoy!

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