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Experimental Data About Ready for Analysis

by Jason Moore — last modified Jul 08, 2011 09:35 AM

I've been working away at processing all the data collected from our first experiments and believe it is almost ready to analyze.

Analyzing the data for the first experiments has of course taken much longer than I'd hoped (just like everything we do). But I've finally got the data into a processed form and will be sharing the data on the website very soon. Processing the data requires a lot of details to be in place, from the models, to the physical parameters, to calibration of 30+ signals, time synchronization between two DAQ devices, storing the data in a database for easy retrieval, and finally computation of the variables that we are actually interested in.

Teaser Trace
This is a preview of the processed data for a single lateral perturbation.

There is more to come soon. After I make sure my program is doing what I think it should be doing and working for the majority of the runs, I will post the data online. Until then, if anyone is especially eager you can check out my alpha DataProcessor software and get your hands dirty.

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