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Gyro Mount
mount and frame side view
mount and frame side iso
Rate Gyro Circuit Sketch
1st cut
1st cut dimensions
3rd cut
2nd cut
3rd cut dimensions
1st cut
mounting block
head tube recess
top tube recess
4th cut
top flange holes
top flange holes
Steer Hardware
1st cut
2nd cut
angle mount
enclosrue and gyro mount
head flange holes
1st cut drafting
2nd cut drafting
3rd cut drafting
4th cut drafting
head recess
head tube recess
2nd cut
top tube recess drafting
head flange holes
top flange holes
mounting holes
slot pic
seat tube recess
seat tube recess drafting
enclosure seat tube flange
Steer Hardware Parts List
Throttle internals
Throttle internals - blownup
Gyro Mout w/ flanges
Mounting spacers
gyro and DAQ enclosure install
Cutting the thermoplastic sheet
Dave cutting the basic belt shape from the plastic sheet.
Heating the thermoplastic
Dave is placing the plastic in the oven. Two layers of the material were used for extra stiffness.
Belt template
We used construction paper to mock up the belt.
Back view of the flexible rider harness
The view of the back of the harness.
Front of the flexible rider harness
A front view of the completed hip belt and back brace.
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