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Rigidifying the Rider

by Jason Moore — last modified Oct 26, 2010 02:15 PM

A little about the rigid rider design I'm working on.

I got this cool body cast from Anchor Orthotics. It was custom molded for someone that had a back injury. The person healed and Anchor usually tosses them or donates them to the developing world. The let me have this one and it actually fits my body pretty well. At first I was going to hack it up so that we could use it for my flexible rider measurement system but then I realized it would be perfect to attach the rider rigidly to the bicycle. So that's what I've been working on lately and I am about to fabricate all the parts this week. The support is adjustable for different riders and different seating positions. This will allow us to mimic the rigid rider model pretty well.

Back brace
A spinal injury back brace. It locks your back and even constrains hip motion.
Rigid Support Design
This shows where the support attaches to the body cast.
Rigid Support Design
This shows the adjustable support design.
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