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The bike has arrived

by Jason Moore — last modified Dec 18, 2009 07:25 PM

After little luck with sponsorship from bicycle companies, we finally ordered the bicycle we are going to use for the project.

We tried to get some bicycle companies to donate a bicycle for our project, including Trek and Surly, in exchange for whatever publicity we may get out of this, but as usual, the bike companies don't seem to see any reason to help fund our dynamics research. Luke was able to purchase the bicycle from Sunshine Bicycles for a reduced price thanks to his many years of service and the generosity of the owners. We had a few requirements for the bicycle and after a bit of searching settled on a Surly 1X1. The frame is made of 4130 round steel tubes and has disc brake mounts which we will use to mount optical encoders for wheel velocity. It is a nice light, strong frame that should work well for our experiments.


We also purchased some other basic components like brakes, a seat, front wheel and handlebars. We won't need any pedals or cranks because we will be using a rear wheel hub motor to keep the bicycle at a constant speed and eliminate the adverse effects of pedaling.


Luke and Joe quickly began measuring the bicycle to get some dimensions for fine tuning the sensor mount designs. Three single axis rate gyros will be attached to the frame of the bicycle behind the head tube to measure the angular velocity of the frame.


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