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Torsional Pendulums!

by Jason Moore — last modified Dec 03, 2009 06:00 PM

We are measuring the mass locations and mass distributions of our instrumented and actuated bicycle and have started building a torsional pendulum.

Derek, one of our undergraduate lab assistants, is making super progress on a fixture that we will use to mount a torsional pendulum and compound pendulum for measuring the centers of mass and moments of inertia of the instrumented bicycle. He used some random 80/20 material that was left over from the old baseball pitching machine and made a nice stout fixture that can be mounted to a structural pole in the lab. The measurements will be very similar to Jodi Kooijman's thesis and the similar work I did with Jodi at Delft.



The fixture was designed to be stout and the 80/20 allows for easy modularity, assembly and disassembly (plus it was free!)



It turned out to be nice and strong. We don't want and vibrations in the frequency range of our measurements.


We also checked out the possibilities of connecting our lab to the old bicycle biomechanics lab next door. We are going to do our best at getting a door put in the wall. That way we can have easy access to the tools and treadmill next door.

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