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Videos of Bicycle-Rider Motion

by Jason Moore — last modified Jul 07, 2010 03:15 PM

Rear view of a bicyclist riding a bicycle without hands.

I've been thinking a lot about rider biomechanics lately so that we can nail down what exactly to measure with the instrumented bicycle we are working on. I've been studying the data that we took at TU Delft last year of a rider and bicycle with motion capture. Some of the potentially important biomechanical kinematics that we will measure are:
  • Torso lean angle relative to the bicycle frame
  • Torso twist angle relative to the bicycle frame
  • The lateral deflection between the rider's butt and the seat
  • Lateral knee motion
This video shows the rider from behind while riding without hands on a treadmill. We were trying to get an idea of the rider's spine bend, lean angle relative to the frame, butt motion relative to the seat, and the rider's twist angle relative to the bike frame.
The rider seems to change the roll, steer and yaw angles of the bicycle by forcing the bike to roll relative to his body. This seemed to be done by knee extension torques on the foot pegs. Furthermore, the rider's head and upper body seem to stay relatively still in inertial space. 
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