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Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are held every Monday at 2 pm in the Sports Biomechanics Lab (2328 Academic Surge).


Some ideas for topics are:

  • Present research progress
  • Practice presentations
  • Present a tool you find useful and would like to share
  • Review a journal paper (dynamics and control related)
  • Review each others papers

The format of the meetings would be such that about once per quarter each lab member would present an item from the above list.  In the case of reviewing a journal paper or a paper that is being submitted for publication, the paper needs to be distributed at least one week prior to the meeting so that it can be read by everybody and a meaningful discussion of the paper can be had.  In the case of reviewing each others work (i.e., conference or journal paper), it should be sent out no later than the morning of the day prior to the meeting.

The overall length of the meeting should be 45 minutes, with no more than 20-25 minutes being taken by a person presenting.

The main objective of the meetings is to share knowledge and keep abreast of relevant research being done in our lab and outside of it.  Meeting topics should be related to dynamic systems and control.

If you prepare any electronic media (presentation, links, program, etc), please post them to the website.


Spring 2012

Date Presentation title Presenter Links, slides, documents, etc.
 April 16 Collision detection algorithms Andrew Collision detection algorithms pdfVideos folder, Videos on Youtube
 April 23  Metabolic Factors in Running Gilbert  Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners
 April 30   Elliot  
 May 7  Bicycle Dynamics and Control Ziqi Bicycle Dynamics and Control, by Astrom et al. 
A bicycle can be self-stable without gyroscopic or caster effects, by Schwab et al., 2011.
 May 14 Basics of Musculoskeletal Modeling Colin  Presentation
 May 21   Angadh  
 May 28   Holiday!  
 June 4   Aurelia  
 June 11   Luke  

Winter 2012

Date Presentation title Presenter Links, slides, documents, etc.
Jan 13  The Rattleback Luke  
Jan 20  The Babyboot Aurelia  
Jan 27  * at 12 noon Sam Walcott   
Feb 3    Elliott  
Feb 10  Impact mechanics in bowling  Andrew OutlineImpact mechanics.pdf, Videos
Feb 17 My Dissertation System  Jason A lilttle essay
Feb 24  Jump ropes  Ziqi  
Mar 2  Bioenergetic modeling  Gilbert  
Mar 9  Variable-mass cylinders  Angadh  
Mar 16  Badminton simulation  Daniel  
Mar 23    

Fall 2011

Presentation title
Presenter Links, slides, documents, etc.
Oct 5
Bowling ball dynamics a la Hopkins & Patterson
Andrew K
Slides, Hopkins Patterson 1977.pdf
Oct 12
Golf Ball Aerodynamics
Colin Smith
Choi et al - 2006.pdfGolf Ball Presentation.pdf
Oct 19
Nonlinear Programming Gilbert Gede
Nonlinear Programming (NLP)
Oct 26
Predicting ski jumps Mont Hubbard
Nov 2
Baseball bat sweet spot Elliot Marshall
Nov 9
Inertial Properties of Humans Jason Moore information 
Nov 16
Variable Mass System Angadh Nanjangud  
Nov 23
Nov 30
Tufte on PowerPoint Mont Hubbard Favorite passages , Link to paper

Spring 2011

Date Presentation Title
Presenter Links, Slides, Documents, etc
April 7 
Databases (pyTables) Jason  Some stuff on databases
April 14 Holiday Pictures Peter
April 21 Gyrostats Luke Gyrostat slides, and LaTeX source
April 28
Thomas LaTeX (Beamer) source, movie01, movei02
May 5 Euler Parameters & Bowling
Andrew K. Huston et al 1979,  Euler Parameters & Bowling
May 12
Andrew E.
May 19 Gravity Sensing Plants Evan
May 26 Direct Collocation Gilbert Direct Collocation Lab Presentation
June 2    Mont  
June 9       

Winter 2011

Date Presentation Title
Presenter Links, Slides, Documents, etc
Jan 13 
Chaos Luke 
Jan 20 Kalman filtering
Gilbert Kalman Filtering Presentation
Jan 27 Introduction Peter Introduction
Feb 3 ASTM Ski Jump Standards Mont
Feb 10 Drawing quality figures Jason Presentation and Gallery
Feb 17 Spacecraft Hardware Andrew E.
Feb 24 Yahtzee for robots
Andrew K. Yahtzee Presentation, Version 6, Version 7.20, Version 8
March 3 Eye tracking
Andrew K. Eye and head tracking presentation
March 10       
March 17       

Fall 2010

Date Presentation Title
Presenter Links, Slides, Documents, etc
Oct 27 
Slotted Discs Luke

Oct 4 Version Control and Git
Jason Intro to version control and Git
Oct 11 Bioenergetic Models Gilbert Human Bioenergetic Models
Oct 18 No meeting: Gilbert, Jason, Mont and Luke are in the Netherlands for a conference

Oct 25 Geometric Methods Andrew E Geometric Methods
Nov 1
Nov 8
Nov 15 Defrosting your digital library: A hands on introduction to Mendeley software for organizing and sharing articles Luke & Carl Slides
Nov 22 Bowling Ball Dynamics
Andrew K Slides
Frohlich (2004). What makes bowling balls hook
Nov 29 Canceled

Dec 6 Discuss over under throwing paper and then bowling at the MU! Mont

Spring 2010

Date Presentation Title
Presenter Links, Slides, Documents, etc
Apr 2
Final Presentation
Apr 9
Heavy Construction Made Weightless- Building the International Space Station Steve Robinson
Dean's Lecture Series
Apr 14
R: a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics Jason
How to get started with R
Apr 21
Australian Institute of Sports
Ian Blanchonette
Apr 28
May 5
Tethered Space Systems

May 12
MEMS Rate Gyro Calibration Gilbert

May 19
The 2010 Olympic Luge Accident Mont

May 26
Broader Impacts Jake
Broader impacts project talk and YouTube videos
June 2


June 9
Passive Dynamic Walking and the Newton-Rhapson Method Thomas
matlab files

Winter 2010

Date Presentation Title
Presenter  Links, Slides, Documents, etc
Jan 8
Bicycle physical parameter measurement
Jan 15
Introduction presentation Danique  
Jan 22
Sliding mode control, robustness Adam SMC Presentation.pdf
Jan 29
Update on equine racetrack surface testing Jake
 Videos presented on my webpage
Feb 5
Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics Andrew Presentation
Feb 12
Basketball Stick Friction
Hiroki Okubo  
Feb 19
Feb 26
Jumper kinematics on terrain park jumps Mont
Mar 5
Qt, Qt Designer and PyQt
Qt, PyQt
Mar 12
Bicycle science exhibits at the California Bicycle Museum
Matt Dulcich Bicycle History Paper
Mar 19
No meeting - Finals week
Mar 26
No meeting - Spring Break

Fall 2009

Date Presentation Title
Presenter  Links, Slides, Documents, etc
Nov 6
Reference management, Bibtex, Jabref
Luke Jabref, Lyx
Nov 13
Sports Bio Website, Web content management and Plone
Jason Web Content Management
Nov 20
Visualization of dynamic systems in OpenGL
Evan Links & info
Dec 4
Steady Turning Motions of a Bicycle
Luke paper
Dec 11
Searching for documents in the Mechanical Engineering Field
Bob Heyer-Gray
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