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StabilChk.m — Objective-C source code, 0Kb

File contents

function Jqstar = StabilChk(qstar)

global delta

% Evaluates the Stride Map at the fixed point, qstar
[t,F,F_star] = StrideMap(qstar);          % Evaluates StrideMap

% store the delta y's in a matrix, each column is the
% dy for a different perturbed element of x.
dy = zeros(length(F_star), length(F_star)); 

for i = 1:1:length(qstar)
    X_pert = qstar;
    X_pert(i) = qstar(i)+delta;                  % perturb one element 
    [tp,Fp,F_pert] = StrideMap(X_pert);          % Evaluates StrideMap
     dy(:,i) = (F_pert-F_star);

Jqstar = dy / delta;         % return the matrix of partial derivatives
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