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Jason Moore

Jason's little space on the Sports Biomechanics website.

About me

My CV has all the official information. A lot information about me can also be found in my old website, but it hasn't been updated in a couple of years so most of it is pretty out-of-date. Lately, I've been posting most of my work on this website. Check out the blog, my lab meeting presentations and my research project. My google profile links to the rest of my presence on the web.


I wrote my dissertation on the dynamics, control, and handling of bicycles. Much of the work related to it can currently be found on the bicycle project research page. The entire work is mostly reproducible by simply running the source code and is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

  • Qualifying exam
    • My dissertation proposal for my qualifying exam gives the basics of what I intended to do.
    • There is also the accompanying slides and notes from my qualifying exam proposal presentation.
  • Dissertation 

Human Power

I have great interest in the appropriate use of human power for various tasks.

  • The presentation I have give several times to the UCD D-Lab on the use of human power in the developing world. [Presentation][Notes][Source]
  • Pedal Desk Project [Website][Video][Gallery]
  • moorebicycles, my blog on bicycling in Europe 2008-2009 [Blog]
  • Old Dominion University Human Powered Vehicle [Website][Gallery]
  • I worked at Maya Pedal in the summer of 2007 [Website][Gallery]
  • I worked at Disacare with Jessica Veckahul and team the summer of 2006 on the ZAmbulance [Website]


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