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Dissertation Development Notes

I'd like to write my dissertation in a presentation neutral format so that I can create a web version and a pdf version which meets the requirements of UC Davis's dissertation submission rules.

Hard Requirements

  • It has to output both html and latex.
  • Citations will need to work seemlessly with a bibtex database.
  • I need to be able to excluded parts from both the html and latex outputs (i.e. videos, datasets and verbose text should only be in the html version)
  • It must be able to handle complex mathematical equations.
  • The html should be pushed to the web reguarlay in a platform that allows commenting.
  • Needs to support images and video content.

Soft Requirements

  • I'd like to (and probably have to) write in a simple text format.
  • I'm using Plone for our lab website and a crude citation system with bibtex2html, it would be nice to push my dissertation to Plone.

Things I've found

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