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A bit about how I use LaTex for document processing.

I typically write my documents and presentations using LaTex. LaTex may seem somewhat archaic but it provides the enduser with full control of the style of the document and if used properly, it can do all the document formatting for you.

Things I like about LaTex:

  • It formats the document for you, all you have to do is provide the content.
  • It handles all your in document referencing: figure, chapter, table numbers, etc.
  • It handles all your citations automatically. Never type one by hand again.
  • It is a source code that can be tracked with versioning and can be integrated with the code that generates tables, figures, plots, etc.

Things I don't like:

  • Building and compiling: this slows down document preparation compared to WYSIWYG editors. LyX is an attempt to solve this.
  • If it doesn't format it well (it usually does), then it may not be trivial to get the document to look like you want it.

How to get started

Packages I use



subfig and beamer don't play well together but you can add these lines @ line 148 to /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/beamer/base/beamerbasecompatibility.sty:

% Patch for beamer + subfig




Coffee stain package:





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