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LeRoy Alaways

 Dr. LeRoy W. Alaways


Assitant Professor: California State University, Maritime (Starting August 2000)




A windy day near Sheffield England


    Ph.D., Engineering, 1998
      University of California, Davis
    Alumnus: Sports Biomechanics Lab


    MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1987
      University of California, Davis


    BS (with honors), Mechanical Engineering, 1985
      California State University, Chico


    BA (with honors), Applied Mathematics, 1985
      California State University, Chico

HOMETOWN: Chico, California




    California State University, Sacramento -- Spring 2000
      System Dynamics and Numerical Methods
    University of California, Davis -- Winter 2000
      Automatic Controls
    United States Military Academy, West Point -- 1998-1999
      Statics, Dynamics and Vibrations
    University of California, Davis -- Summer & Fall 1995




    Army Research Laboratory 1998-1999
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory -- 1990-1994
    Rockwell International -- 1987-1989






  • Lifetime pass to the National Baseball Hall of Fame for contributions on the Aerodynamics of the Curveball, October 1999.


  • Commander's Medal for Public Service from US Army given at West Point, NY, June 1999.


  • Engineering Innovator of the Month, Rockwell International, October 1989.



Dissertation: Aerodynamics of the Curve-Ball.

Printable title page for dissertation: Title and Table of Contents

Thesis: Optimal Placement of Measurements for Distributed Systems.








  • Alaways, L.W. and M. Hubbard, Experimental Determination of Baseball Spin and Lift, submitted to Journal of Sports Sciences, January 2000.


  • Alaways, L.W., S.P. Mish and M. Hubbard, Identification of Release Conditions and Aerodynamic Forces in Pitched Baseball Trajectories, submitted to Journal of Applied Biomechanics, August 1999.


  • Alaways, L.W. and R.B. Lightfoot, Aerodynamics of a Curveball: The Sikorsky Lift Data, Submitted to Sports Engineering, currently in review.




  • Hubbard, M. and L.W. Alaways, Rapid and Accurate Estimation of Release Conditions in the Javelin Throw, Journal of Biomechanics, 22 (6-7), pp. 583 - 595, 1989.


  • Hubbard, M. and L.W. Alaways, Optimal Release Conditions for the New Rules Javelin, International Journal of Sports Biomechanics, 3 (3), pp. 207 - 221, September, 1987.


  • Hubbard, M. and L.W. Alaways, Implementation of a Javelin Trajectory Instrumentation System, Proceedings of the XIth International Congress on Biomechanics, July 1 - 4, Amsterdam, 1987.




  • Hubbard, M. and L.W. Alaways, Mechanical Interaction of the Golf Ball with Putting Greens, World Scientific Congress on Golf, St. Andrews, Scotland, July 20 - 24, 1998.





  • Watkins, W.R., L. Alaways, Depth Perception Applied to Search and Target Acquisition, Proceedings of the NATO SCI.12 Workshop on Search and Target Acquisition, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 1999.


  • Alaways, L.W., M. Hubbard, T.C. Conlan, and J.A Miles, Static and Dynamic Accuracy Determination of a Three Dimensional Motion Analysis System, Proceedings International Conference on The Engineering of Sport, July 2 - 4, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1996.


  • Hubbard, M. and L.W. Alaways, Instantaneous Assessment of Athletic Performance Using High Speed Video, Proceedings of the 31st Conference of Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, August 16 - 21, San Diego, 1987.

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