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Program Development for Data Collection

Jacob J. Setterbo | Ph.D. | Biomedical Engineering

This page displays some of the programming I developed for my project:

  1. LabVIEW program for data collection

  2. MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) for data analysis

  3. SAS code for statistics

DSC_0524.JPG inspecting track data

1. LabVIEW program for data collection

I developed a data acquisition system using National Instruments hardware and a custom LabVIEW program (National Instruments Corp., Austin, TX) to collect 10 channels of voltage output (from load cell, accelerometer, and laser displacement sensor) during free fall and impact of the TTD.  Graphs were set up to display the important information of each trial so that data collection could be inspected during testing (see below for picture of output while testing at a racetrack).


DSC_0514.JPG LabVIEW in truck bed


TTD ram with UCD decal

2. MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) for data analysis

Maxima, minima, and other attributes of the force, moment, displacement, and acceleration data were extracted using a custom programmed MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI)  (The MathWorks Inc., Natick, MA).  This GUI (see below) is user-friendly because the user can: select multiple trials, adjust the analysis method, select the desired output and select whether or not to save graphs.  Example output values include: peak force, impact and rebound velocity, maximum and average load rate, maximum and average stiffness, plastic and elastic deformation, and mechanical energy at impact and rebound.  Example output graphs are shown below.

GUI screen for TTD#2.jpg


3. SAS code for statistics

SAS code (not shown here) was also developed to statistically analyze the data.  Procedures used include PROC GLM, PROC MIXED, PROC REG, and PROC TTEST.


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