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Bicycle Dynamics Software

We've got some plans to incorporate all of our coding into a coherent and useful piece of software for bicycle dynamics and control analysis. It will be primarily written in python and be available under an open source license.

We write a lot of code for simulation and data analysis but in typical engineering fashion it isn't in a nice usable package for other researchers. We are working to make as much of our software more user friendly for other researchers. The primary reason for doing this is to allow people to build off of our work and for the sake of reproducibility. With that in mind we've chosen to make all of our software and data open source with detailed documentation. The latest code can generally be found in our Github repositories, or if not email us for copies of the code. Git and Github allow for easy sharing and collaboration and we encourage anyone that would like to collaborate with us on our work to join in.

Bicycle dynamics software

There are few to no publicly available software packages that analyze bicycle (or motorcycle) dynamics. Here are some that you may be able to get your hands on:

  • JBike6 - A Matlab program that is freely available to analyze the linear upright constant speed dynamics of the Whipple model. Includes a user friendly GUI. Requires Matlab and permission from the owners to use.
  • BikeSim - Proprietary software based around Robin Sharp's motorcycle model that can handle non-linear analyses.
  • FastBike - Proprietary software based around Vittore Cossalter's motorcycle model that can handle non-linear analyses.

Our software has various various aspects of each of these and some other features unique to our methods in various levels of polish.  We are going to use similar methodolgies for a program written primarily in Python that can do non-linear, linear and control analysis of dynamic systems with our main focus on various bicycle and rider models.

Open Bicycle Dynamics

Luke has been working on Open Bicycle Dynamics, a C and OpenGL based software package for detailed analysis, simulation and visualization of the Whipple bicycle model.

Bicycle/Rider Physical Parameters

This is a python module that can compute the geometry, mass, center of mass, and mass distribution of a person seated on a bicycle based on experimental methods, along with basic analysis.


A Matlab based GUI for collecting data on our instrumented bicycle that interacts with a National Instruments board and the VectorNav IMU.

Human Control

This is Simulink and Matlab based software that incorporates a crossover model based human operator control system with the Whipple bicycle model.

Bicycle/Rider Motion Analysis

These are a set of tools for analyzing motion capture data of a person riding a bicycle.

Bicycle Dynamics and Control

This is a planned python package that will tie together various dynamic analysis tools that we have developed so that the user can explore various bicycle designs and control algorithms. It will be setup for general multibody dynamics systems too.

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