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Bicycle and Rider Parameter Measurement

A basic requirement for good accurate simulation are good estimates of the various physical parameters of the dynamic system. For the bicycle/rider system we are typically interested in estimating the geometry, mass, center of mass, and mass distribution of the bicycle and rider.



  • Frame dimensions - This page provides details of our preferred method of measuring the fundamental bicycle geometry.


  • Pendulum Design Details - Details of the construction of the various apparatus we've designed to hang the bicycle as both torsional and compound pendulums.
  • Experiment Protocol - Fine details of the pendulum experiments.

Gyro Bike

Procedures and results from measuring geometric parameters, center of gravity, mass moments of inertia, and other benchmark parameters of the Gyro bike.

Human Inertia

We have two methods that we use for estimating the inertial characteristics of the bicycle rider.

Yeadon Inertial Model
Fred Yeadon developed a method of estimating inertia in a any configuration and we've implemented his method with a piece of software and use it to put a configuration for a bicycle.
Moore Inertial Model
This is a simpler inertia model that is described in Moore2009a. This is depreciated in favor of the more accurate Yeadon model.


We've developed several programs that allow one to calculate the physical parameters of a bicycle/rider.

This is set of various python and Matlab scripts and programs that generate the bicycle and rider physical parameters. The python files are primarily setup to generate the output for these papers: Moore2010a, Moore2009, Moore2008Moore2006. This software is basically deprecated and mainly useful for generated the data for the papers. Yeadon and BicycleParameters are the more user friendly and up-to-date versions of this code, see below.
This python package calculates the moments of inertia and centers of mass of a human in a general configuration. It is based on the Yeadon model. More details can be found here.
This python package calculates the moments of inertia, geometry, mass and centers of mass of a bicycle. It also can add a generic rider built using the Yeadon package for riders that are segmented in various ways for multi-degrees of freedom of the rider body. Download and install the software and browse the documentation at pypi and help develop at github.
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