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Links to all of the data collected.

This is currently a placeholder page and will be updated with connections to all of the available data.

Physical Parameters
The physical parameter data consists of measured values such as geometry and mass of both the bicycles and the riders.
Delft Instrumented Bicycle
This data is in the form of comma separated text files with the time histories of the sensors and accompanying meta data in the header of each file. The various treadmill experiments with two riders are included. This includes video data for each of the runs
Motion Capture
This data set includes Matlab mat files for each run for several days of experimenting with several riders on the treadmill. There is also video data for a good portion of the runs.
Steer Torque Experiments
There is video data for each run and also the manually derived comma separated value text file with the torque values determined from the video.
Identification Experiments
This data is available both as raw data mat files with included meta data for each run and as a single HDF5 database which stores the time histories of the sensors in multiple arrays and the meta data in tables. There is video data of all the runs.
I've taken extensive photo documentation of the instrumentation construction and the experiments. The albums are divided into ones of the work done at `UC Davis `_ and the work done at `TU Delft `_.
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