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Instrumented Bicycle

Details on the design of the instrumented and actuated bicycle.

Instrumented Bicycle
Instrumented bicycle with the rigid rider harness.


  • Frame
  • Components
  • Rigid Rider Support
  • Computer and data acquisition mount
  • Hub motor
  • Power
  • Mounts


Data Acquisition

    Experiments and Data

    Details about the experimental setup, how they operate and what equipment we use.
    Data Details 
    Hopefully all the information you need to know to process and interpret the data.
    Raw Data 
    This is the raw data that I collect from the bike. I will make it available as soon as I take it. The previous links can help you interpret what it all means. Email me if you need more information.
    Processed Data 
    This is the more useful form of the data that has been processed by my DataProcessor software. It has been scaled from calibrations and time shifted so that signals from the VN-100 and the NI USB-6218 are synchronized. The processed signals are computed to give actual roll angle, steer torque, etc. The data has also been filtered and splined to take care of noise and missing values, respectively. The current output type is a mat file, but others can be posted. Just let me know if you'd like another form. This data is still preliminary, use with caution! I am updating it regularly as I find bugs and improve the output. If you need to manipulate the data or want to check the accuracy of the computations, feel to get the DataProcessor software running. It provides the best environment for working with the data so far.
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