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Motion Identification Using Motion Capture Techniques


This is based on work I did while at the Delft University of Technology with Arend Schwab and Jodi Kooijman from August 2008 to August 2009 under the Fulbright Program. We first worked with an instrumented bicycle and then went on to do some studies of bicycle riding on a large treadmill. We used a fancy motion capture system to track the movements of the bike and rider with the intention of using principal component analysis. The primary research results are currently published in our open access article in Multibody System Dynamics:"Rider motion identification during normal bicycling by means of principal component analysis"

I also have some future plans for the data:

  1. Make all the data available on the web (if you bug me about it this will happen sooner, there are some minor details to include so that the data is coherent)
  2. Repair all the missing marker data that is possible (currently halfway done).
  3. A more rigorous statistical look at the data using a linear mixed effects model. I started some of it with this conference paper, "Statistics of Bicycle Rider Motion" and all the analysis code is here.


Marker Coordinate Data

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