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System Identification

Folder with contents that relate to system identification procedures applied to bicycling.

System ID Report

Peter's first report on system ID techniques for the bicycle model.

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Preliminary Time Domain System ID

A preliminary attempt by Dr. Hess at time domain system ID for a bicyclist tracking a line. A pulsive step disturbance is applied for the roll torque. This uses Ron's manual control model.

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System ID with sensor input noise

Preliminary system ID with sensor input noise.

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Preliminary Identification Results for Bicycle Rider

This is a first shot at identifying transfer functions from real data.

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Transfer Function ID on a 60 sec run

This is an ID attempt on a run of 60 seconds (#105) with about 7 pulls.

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Identification with higher gains and higher neuromuscular mode

This is a transfer function identification for pull force to roll rate for a run (#105). The entire span of data (all 7 pulls) was used for the fit. The transfer function is then compared to our manual control model. The fit is remarkably good.

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Human remnant hypothesis

This is Ron's hypothesis on the human remnant that was found in some of the identification attempts.

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First stab at bicycle system id

This documents my attempts to setup various system identification models for the bicycle/rider system.

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Bicycle Model Identification Plots

Various plots relating to the identification of the bicycle model.

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Understanding the Matlab prediction error method

I make use of the prediction error method (pem) in Matlab for system identification but don't really understand what it is doing. These are some tests to try to understand the options better.

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Rider ID Bode Mean

These are Bode plots from the results of identifying the controller on 262 runs.

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Rider ID Bode All

Bode plots of the 262 controller identifications showing all the lines.

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