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Next steps for this project or for future researchers include the following:

  • Realize a fully functional 3D collision simulation.
    • Testing cases such as collision of the 1- and 5-pins, and the 1-2-4-7.  Current issues are believed to lie in the computation of omegaFinal and omegaPrimeFinal in the function computevelocity.
    • Ball-pin collision detection and response.
    • Pin-wall collisions: detection and response.
    • Pin-lane collisions: gravity, detection, response.
  • Add complex collision friction behaviors such as slip-reversal.
  • Determine if the coefficient of restitution is a function of relative speed.
  • Determine if the coefficient of restitution varies with position along the pin. It is likely not the same at the head and body of the pin.
  • Determine how sensitive the collision sequence and pinfall are to changes in the coefficients of friction and restitution.
  • Add collision detection and response for collisions with the lane and gutters.
  • Run sensitivity studies to determine the effects of various parameters on collision sequence and pinfall.
  • Further investigate ball-lane friction and create a method for transforming an oil pattern specification sheet into a map of the coefficient of friction.
  • Determine how coefficient of friction varies for different pins, lanes, and balls.
  • Assess the notion of an "optimal trajectory" for a given oil pattern.


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