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Other Resources for NSF Broader Impacts Information

  • Broader Impacts Criterion website--Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (CSID) at University of North Texas
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        • The examination of the nature of the peer review process, in particular NSF's implementation of the Broader Impacts Criterion (BIC) into the peer review of grant proposals beginning in 1997, is a major point of focus within CSID's research portfolio.
        • CSID has the web's most extensive collection of resources examining the broader impacts criterion, as well as for helping researchers to address the broader impacts of their grant proposals.
  • The Science House: resource about NSF Broader Impacts
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        • On December 12, 2005, The Science House and the Proposal Development Unit of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at North Carolina State University hosted a faculty workshop on Broader Impacts in research and education. About 25 NC State faculty and staff attended the 2.5 hour workshop. Below is information about the workshop and references for researchers seeking to improve the Broader Impacts components of their proposals and projects. This website will be amended and expanded as new references become available.
        • Website has several references and links pertaining to NSF Broader Impacts.
  • The Broader Impacts Toolbox

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        • The Broader Impacts Toolbox originally was developed to help researchers address the National Science Foundation's requirements for grant proposals; however, the purpose of the site has expanded to provide information on professional development for scientists at all stages of their careers.

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