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Past Events & Notes

WORKSHOP--Making an Impact: Outreach and the Broader Impacts Section for NSF 

  • March 3, 2010, 12:10-1pm, Memorial Union, Garrison

      • The speakers, UC Davis professors Dr. Kent Leach (Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Sharon Strauss (Evolution and Ecology) have served on NSF review panels
      • An NSF proposal that does not address broader impacts will not get funded!
      • Broader impacts is also a significant part of the career award
      • It’s not always the same reviewers and you can’t write for a specific person; different reviewers value different things, and that is why multiple people review the applications
      • Also, the standards can drift over time, so it’s best to get more recent successful example essays
      • Just being from an underrepresented group doesn’t automatically give you broader impacts; you must also be a role model and/or participate in broader impact activities
      • It is much more believable that you will have broader impacts if you have already been involved in broader impact activities
      • Tutoring/mentoring alone is not enough
      • You don’t have to address all of the broader impacts points
      • You can propose broader impacts for your specific research, or some other aspect of your field; either way, it must be specific, well-described and well thought out
      • Suggestions: do at least 5 drafts, and start 2 months ahead!

Broader Impacts Workgroup Meeting 1

  • WHEN: Friday, April 16, 2010--12-1pm
  • WHERE: VM3A 2412
  • WHAT:
      • Examples of successful NSF proposals
      • Examples of outreach with research
      • Brainstorm options for your research
      • Discuss outreach “field trip” option to local elementary school [gain PROOF of outreach

Broader Impacts Workgroup Meeting 2

  • WHEN: Friday, May 14, 2010--12-1pm
  • WHAT: Practiced and critiqued presentations for field trip to local elementary school

Science & Engineering Exposition

  • WHEN: Wednesday morning, May 19, 2010
  • WHERE: Anna Kyle Elementary in Fairfield, CA
  • WHAT: Grad students presented their research in a cool and exciting way to 5th graders.  Presentations included guessing scanning electron microscope pictures, and extracting DNA from bananas.  We also recorded the 5th graders singing for the VIDEO/RAP: THIS IS WHY WE STAY IN SCHOOL.
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