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Thoroughbred Forelimb Dynamics


In order to more fully understand the mechanisms for injury in the Thoroughbred distal forelimb during the stance phase of gallop, a dynamic computer simulation of the musculoskeletal structures in the forelimb is being generated. The musculoskeletal modeling of the forelimb is done on SIMM® (Software for Interactive Musculoskeletal Modeling) and the dynamics are performed using SD-Fast® dynamics software. The model accounts for kinematics of the joints in the forelimb, active and passive muscle-tendon forces, passive ligament forces, inertia properties of the forelimb segments, and externally applied forces and motions (i.e. ground reaction force). A working simulation will provide valuable insights into possible measures for preventing equine lameness associated with distal forelimb injuries.


Mike Swanstrom

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